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Food Frenzy

By: Super Duper

Food Frenzy is a fun and motivating app by Super Duper that targets following six important types of directions: Basic, Sequential, Quantitative, Spatial, Conditional, and Temporal. Students love the engaging food preparation and food delivery activities that feel more like a game, but help them gain crucial following directions skills.

How it Works

Students follow directions during 17 different activities such as cooking hamburgers, delivering food to cars and making tacos.  There are three levels of difficulty that range from one to three step directions. Students race against the clock to finish the direction in the allotted amount of time set by the therapist.  Various direction types can be customized to work on a student’s goals. Students are motivated by the entertaining graphics and visuals, as well as motivating sounds when a direction is followed correctly.

Outstanding Features

Food Frenzy allows you to import the names of all your students, creating settings that best fit the needs of each child including appropriate time limits, direction types, and difficulty levels. Repeat buttons are available so teaching can happen during the game. A quick play option is available when you want to use the game quickly without inputting student information.   Scores are reported for each child including the specific type of directions they did well on or had difficulty with.  Scores can be graphed to view progress over time.  Data can be emailed, printed, or exported so you can easily report progress to parents, teachers, and others.

Thumbs Up

Food Frenzy was well worth the $4.99 price tag as it is an engaging app that makes a skill like following directions fun to follow, especially for students in elementary to middle school.  Students see this as a fun game while the speech therapist is able to incorporate tons of various direction following practice into sessions.


Melissa Marblestone, M.A., CF-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist


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