Serving Pediatrics with Special Needs

Pediatric Community And School Based Occupational, Speech And Physical Therapy Services.

Celebrating over 20 years, Sendero Therapies, Inc. is a family owned and operated pediatric practice that employs a multidisciplinary staff of highly skilled and competent occupational therapists (OT’s), certified occupational therapy assistants (COTA’s), speech-language pathologists (SLP’s), physical therapists (PT’s) and physical therapy assistants (PTA’s).

Our occupational, speech and physical therapy practitioners specialize in the evaluation, treatment and management of children, including preschool, youth, adolescents and young adults, with a variety of developmental, sensory, motor, neuromuscular, educational and psychosocial disorders, who may experience functional performance limitations.

Sendero’s expert therapists can be found working in schools, homes and communities throughout Northeast Ohio. We provide direct service as well as consultation with families and educators to serve children with special needs across multiple settings.

Our mission is to create opportunities for children, adolescents and young adults to master developmental tasks, increase performance capacity, and achieve independence in their home, school and community. Through demonstrated excellence in community and school-based practice, our goal is to provide quality services that include but are not limited to:

  • The evaluation and provision of treatment in collaboration with the child, family, educational instructors or other relevant individuals.
  • Developing, enhancing, maintaining or reestablishing sensory, motor, perceptual, neuromuscular or oral-motor functioning; or organization of behavior, adaptive behavior, or psychosocial components of performance.
  • Interventions directed toward developing, enhancing, maintaining or reestablishing daily living skills, including play or leisure skills, social skills, academic skills, self-help skills and prevocational skills.
  • Education of the child, family, educational instructors or other relevant individuals in implementing appropriate interventions.

These services include structured and unstructured assessment by means of skilled and functional observations or assessment via the administration and careful interpretation of formal (standardized) and informal (non-standardized) tests and measurements.

Getting To Know Sendero Therapies


WE ARE THERAPIST OWNED AND OPERATED, so we understand your unique professional needs.  You’ll enjoy a high level of support for your career with Sendero Therapies, Inc.– we promote satisfaction in the workplace, recognize and reward excellence, and we accommodate individual work styles and schedules.

Whether you want to work full time or part time, we’ll do everything we can to help you reach your career goals and provide you with the best therapy career opportunities.

If you are an occupational, speech or physical therapist and share our values, and our environment sounds like one where you’d like to work, we hope you will consider joining our team.


Sendero Therapy Services has an extensive background and experience in providing our school system, community and family customers with professional individuals knowledgeable in pediatric therapy. We’ve been in the business of speech, occupational, and physical therapy staffing since 2001.

We believe in serving our school systems, communities and children with quality pediatric therapy services and encouraging the personal and professional growth of our therapists!


Sendero Therapies is committed to families.  We support parents and children/youth in the home as well as in school and the community.  Therapists provide strategies for children/youth in their home to increase independence and daily living skills. Therapists seek to enhance quality family time by addressing functional skills needed, such as daily routines, sensory strategies for self regulation, homework, bedtime, social-emotional interactions to promote positive mental health and well being for all family members.

Sendero Therapies practitioners extend into communities by consulting and providing support in after school leisure groups, integrated dance classes and daily living skills in order to facilitate successful participation and enjoyment of life.

Our integrated services in community dance, recreation and sporting activities allow students to participate in their neighborhood programs with their friends


AOTA’s motto this year is Living Life to the Fullest. At Sendero Therapy, our therapists assist our clients in achieving the skills that matter to them in order to live their lives to their fullest capacity.

Whether it be mobility skills, daily living skills, and/or social and language skills, our therapists have the knowledge, skills and expertise along with a passionate desire to attain these skills.

Sendero since 2001

Sendero Therapies, Inc has been providing school and community based occupational, speech and physical therapy services in Northeast Ohio since 2001.

Rebecca Mohler, MS, OTR/L is founder and president of Sendero Therapies, Inc.

The Therapists working at Sendero are specifically trained in promoting functional independence in peer friendship development, self regulation, self care, leisure and recreational skills and access to  educational learning in the classroom through development of fine motor, visual motor, visual perception, social skill, cognitive, behavioral and sensory integration for neurodiverse students.

Why choose us

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      Choose Sendero As Your Therapy Provider

      Working as a member of a comprehensive team of educational professionals is important, Sendero Therapies, Inc.provides schools with speech therapists, occupational therapists and physical therapists that blend into the school environment. It is our desire to be an integral part of your school system.

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      Enjoy A Career With Sendero

      If you’re looking for a great opportunity for a speech language pathologist, occupational therapy, or physical therapy career where you’ll be encouraged to work within a team, take part in families’ lives, continue your education, and give children loving support…. Sendero is your match!